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COVID-19 & Serving Students with Disabilities Virtually w/ NACSA & National Center on Special Education in Charter Schools (NCSECS) - Shared screen with speaker view
David Greenberg
Please send ongoing communications to NACSA at COVID19@qualitycharters.org
Megan Ohlssen - NCSECS
Feel free to ask your questions in this chat box!
Geoffrey Harmann
will we receive a copy of the power point?
Amy Ruck Kagan
yes, we will be sharing this
Rebecca Latham
Do IEPs need to be amended if the services will change due to virtual delivery?
Katy Ridnouer
Schools were operating under the assumption that providing review materials to general ed students didn’t trigger the need to provide special ed. I now hear that this was inaccurate. What, if anything, should students make up for the review work sent out last week?
Melissa Gordon
If IEP meetings are held virtually, should schools get written permission from parents/families that this is an acceptable way to hold the meeting due to privacy concerns? Would an email suffice as documentation?
Rosemary Kerrin
It may be change of minutes as well as placement.
Rebecca Latham
What if you are changing related services because they were group and will not be individual - does this require an amendment?
Rebecca Latham
*will now be individual
Tia Doyle
We were working on delivering compensatory time before we were closed (our SE teacher left in November and was not accurately documenting her time with students). Is there any guidance on what we do with those needed hours now?
Stacey Chalin
Any idea if services provided this way for students will be billable through Medicaid?
Diana Medina
My school is experiencing a similar situation to Tia Doyle's
Traci Nicks
How/where can we access the slide deck and any other materials after this webinar?
Amy Ruck Kagan
We will have multiple approaches to access. It will be on the COVID 19 resource page and we will be emailing the PDF out to all who registered
Rosemary Kerrin
So if there are technology barriers, what can schools do? You're talking computers but also internet access.
Brooke Maciag
Can we define closed? If general ed aren't being required to do work, are services outside therapy required?
Wendy Tucker
Hi, Brooke. The key is educational opportunities. It doesn’t matter if the work is required, recommended, graded, or “optional”. If gen ed students are being provided educational opportunities, kids with disabilities are entitled to FAPE, as it looks in this unique and unprecedented situation.
Tia Doyle
Does this all assume you are providing general education instruction? There are a variety of factors that determined this for our district, but we are not continuing to teach any of our students during our closure. We did provided four week's worth of work via packets and a list of resources as well as Google Voice numbers for teachers that allow kids to reach out when/if needed, but nothing will be graded.
Diana Medina
Is Showbie FERPA compliant?
nicole leonard
Is Ring Central FERPA/HIPAA compliant?
Brooke Maciag
Tag to Tia... I draw similarities to this as the same as summer practice packets we send home at end of every school year. How is this different than that? We live in areas where there is no internet access/hotspots don't work. This is why they are not requiring work to be done.
Amy Ruck Kagan
We will add that link to resource page
Tia Doyle
What breaks my heart about all of this is the referral back to "distance learning models" that assume students have access to internet, devices, and parental support. Many of our parents don't have working telephone numbers. :(
Tia Doyle
I'm not speaking specifically to students with disabilities; I'm referring to our entire population. I understand what's being said about making sure students with SE goals receive support when general ed students are receiving instruction as well.
Brooke Maciag
Agreed Tia.
Megan Ohlssen - NCSECS
I agree Tia. Potentially, schools then need to mail letters and resources home. We have to identify and and all barriers and try to find ways to break them down.
Wendy Tucker
Tia- I totally get what you’re saying and appreciate the enormous challenge many schools are facing. As I mentioned during takeaways, some districts are allocating school devices. I know some are using funding to provide hot spots to families. I am hopeful that the relief bills being debated will include robust funding to do those things and others.
Krista Gerhart
Susie...I love this way of looking at documenting----giving credit!
Brooke Maciag
On the upside, SpEd in the virtual world has desperately needed attention. This is forcing the hand of educators across the board to try to problem solve the issues.
Stephanie Klupinski
Good point, Brooke.
Megan Ohlssen - NCSECS
Agreed, Brooke. There are a lot of opportunities here.
Stephanie Klupinski
Let's hope in the future that we don't need pandemics to give these areas the attention they deserve. :)
Brooke Maciag
I would love to see best practices come out of this.... as a former admin of a virtual high school it is definitely needed.
Tia Doyle
Understood, Megan! We are doing this as well, but have not yet found a way to make 1:1 technology an option for our babes.
Tia Doyle
Agreed, Stephanie!!
Diana Medina
Would you recommend joining the general ed teacher's virtual class or support the students with disability afterwards?
Holly Morgan
Will you also be sending this as a recording?
Morgan Powell
Yes we will share the recording!
Brooke Maciag
I think we need to be really clear with definitions of educational instruction and educational opportunities..... they are VERY different.
Germaine Gilson
Sorry if this was covered earlier- If the district has not required distance learning, but only optional to students, what, if any special educations must be provided?
Germaine Gilson
special education services that is..
Chastity McFarlan
Hi Germaine, here's Wendy's response to that question: It doesn’t matter if the work is required, recommended, graded, or “optional”. If gen ed students are being provided educational opportunities, kids with disabilities are entitled to FAPE, as it looks in this unique and unprecedented situation.
Chastity McFarlan
Does that answer your question?
Traci Nicks
I have to jump to another meeting. Thank you!
Brooke Maciag
Will there be a meeting like this for School Leaders to attend?
nicole leonard
Do you have an exemplar for what data tracking should look like over this time? is name, date, time, objective/goal and outcome sufficient for students with ICT and related services?
Lindsay Coker
We at the National Center are planning a webinar that is geared towards school leaders. Sign up for our newsletter to keep posted on this!